Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ammonite Fossil Earrings

I've been finishing up the week with a batch of little ammonite fossil earrings. These were a request and I'm glad they were--I haven't made them in a while. They are one of my favorite earring focals--definite conversation pieces when you wear them!

I had to take a picture of these on my fingertip to give you some perspective. The fossils and wire have spectacular detail & yet they are small and comfortable on the ear. I love the challenge of making smaller pieces with the same intricate details my larger designs have. My brain seems to like figuring out how to make tiny things--always has--jewelry, doll clothes, sculptures, drawings, little parts & pieces-anything SMALL!


  1. Those are gorgeous! Well done!

  2. Those are incredible! How did you learn to wrap like that? I have an ammonite that I would like to wrap, but I don't even know where to start! :)

  3. Words cannot express how incredibly beautiful I find these. The detail is fantastic! Do you still take commissions because I would certainly be interested in owning a pair?