Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack and the Sunflower Stalk and a Seriously Big Beetle Bug!

Two months ago I never would have imagined a few little sunflower seeds would grow all the way up to my office window on the 2nd story! I joked it would be great if they would grow that tall---who knew they actually would!

Not much came of all the seeds I planted, but the things that did come up have grow to be giants--especially the sunflowers & carrots! With big plants come big BUGS-luckily bugs don't bother me, as long as they are not ON me or in the house! We've had a beetle and spider invasion.

I actually ran outside to take a picture of one of the big fuzzy black spiders lurking in the garden, but he disappeared and along came a beetle. This "little" guy was as proud as can be--I took many pictures and he posed beautifully, almost as if he was trying to say something... perhaps a thank you for planting the giant sunflowers for him!

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