Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Clay, Clay, Clay--Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewerly--an ebay listathon!

Wow! I have been an ebay listing maniac the last few days!! I have so many pieces of clay and jewelry on my bench and desk it's INSANE!! I know I've posted at least 130 items in the last few days! I get in the groove to create and forget I actually have to list them in my ebay store to sell them---so I can make more!! I am so slow at listing that I think I procrastinate to avoid having to do it!! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Clay--I have gone crazy making new mosaic face cabs, mulberry leaf lady face beads and cabs, and faux raku faces...I'm loving the mosaics and leaves---I know I'll be making more! I just have to list them so I can find the surface of my desk again!! ;)

Jewelry--Tons of earrings and a bunch of new pendants. I listed the earrings last night---now onto the pendants!

Once all of these pieces are listed I'll be creating again...I'm starting to see the wood top on my bench---I forgot what color it was!

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