Friday, April 18, 2008

Madagascar Quartz & Tibetan Quartz Crystal Jewelry

I've been addicted to working with Quartz Crystals this week! I have been wrapping & sculpting with Tibetan Quartz & Madagascar Quartz Crystals. Though they are both quartz, they have very different appearances and energy! I've been hooked on both this week.

Tibetan Quartz (in the pendant pictured here) is often double terminated and has interesting black inclusions or phantoms. They typically have lots of unique surface indentations (apertures) and or frosting. This quartz has a strong grounding and protective vibe! Many feel wind and warmth when they are exposed to Tibetan Quartz. The energy is quite direct and even those that are not normally sensitive to crystals are surprised with what they experience! A POWERFUL healing gem.

Madagascar Quartz Wands (in the earrings pictured here) have a very soft, smooth, harmonious energy. Most of these crystals have unique linear bands/lines on the surface. The inside of the crystal is clear, yet the outside patterns cast a frosty/cloudy glow. A great quartz for those that are sensitive. They seem to thrive on converting chaos and negativity into calmer, soothing vibrations. Perfect quartz for earrings....I think Tibetan would be a little too much to hang from the ear!


  1. I am in love with your Madagascar Quartz earrings. Very unique and beautiful.

  2. Thank you! I know I've mentioned it here in my blog before, but I LOVE creating jewelry with natural quartz points! There is nothing like them. Cut and groomed gems are nice, but there's something so intriguing about the natural formations of quartz crystals and most gems!