Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gem Show Exhaustion!

Whew! Today I went to a gem show in Philadelphia & it was exhausting! I never say 'NO' to a show---I love looking for new stones and treasures to wrap! I have to admit though...going to shows can be exhausting! So many stones, so many people, so many ideas running through my head, so many back breaking, short tables to lean over! I don't know how Ian puts up with me at shows....he drove to & from, waited in line for me, and helped out for several hours-- before he made his escape to the car to find a cheeseburger.

All that work & I come home with a bag of rocks---some might think I'm crazy....perhaps I am...but the minute I have a chance...I'll be ready to do it again....just not today--I'm tired!

Hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend! I've been working on springtime clay beads...hoping they will help bring some warm spring weather. It's been COLD out here!

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