Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's the Little Things that can Make you Smile the Biggest!

Last week I received an email that made my day! With the stress of packing & relocating it was the perfect pick-me-up....

As most know, my passion & full time 'employment' is creating wire wrapped jewelry & polymer clay faces. I sell on ebay (sculptedwindows) and I am slowly working toward launching my own website. I have sold thousands of pieces of jewelry & clay via ebay & at art shows....

I often wonder where all of these little creations land... if they are loved... appreciated... comfortable... helpful... lost... or who knows! It's just fun to wonder about their fate - and every now-and-then I actually learn of it. I know how much time I spend working on all of these little pieces, and where or why I made them, or why I bought particular stones... and I always hope they will be enjoyed.

Last Thursday, I received the NICEST email from Carol! She sent a thank you & a quick picture from her desk... she just received & is wearing her Sculpted Windows Jewelry! She looks great & I am so happy she's enjoying it & that she took a minute to share a picture & a thank-you with me!!! She graciously gave me permission to share her photo with you! I wish I knew how to insert a big smiley face here...because I would! It's amazing how 'little' things can make the day.. or the week when you work from home!

Believe it or not... in 2 + years I have sold over 2,500 creations and have only heard from about 2 dozen customers outside of the ebay feedback system. I have spoken on the telephone with 4! Crazy! Funny how a little communication can bring a bit of reality and humanity to the bleak world of cyberspace.

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