Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Wire Wrapped Christmas Cameo Pendants

Is it that time of year already? Yep, it I like to call it...we're in the 'Embers'... The months ending in 'ember' begin the insanity of colder weather (here up north) & the holiday rush! (Although today it was a record breaking 92 degrees outside in Upstate NY). I guess I made some cold weather pieces to forget about the heat!

These wire wrapped pendants feature porcelain cameos of various Santa Claus'. All of these cameos are fired to ensure the decals will not scratch off and I have made these with solid sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire. They are durable & will last a lifetime!

It is so depressing to look in your jewelry box to find your holiday pieces have deteriorated to the point they can't be worn any longer.... I have so many 'dead' pieces of jewelry that I keep for sentimental reasons... none of them were cheap and yet they peeled or self destructed to the point they are unwearable. That is a peeve of mine!

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