Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Few Thank Yous!

I need to shout out Thank You to a couple of people who made my day last entry long overdue! I get no kickbacks, from these folks...just want to thank them for really going above & beyond to make my day in this sometimes frustrating world!

First...Looking for Ancient Coins?? You must check out I have ordered coins through this seller on ebay & have always been happy with my purchases. His coins are guaranteed, come with a COA, and & he provides a great info on his coins. Recently, a coin was missing from my shipment & Ilya at was WONDERFUL... Polite, Fast, Professional, & took care of the error immediately. I'm glad I called...I had a chance to 'meet' this seller and appreciate what he does even more...I could tell he loves working with coins as much as I enjoy creating jewelry & clay. I never thought of restoring & researching coins as an art until I met this, thank you Ilya!

Second...Live in Western, NY and need a great haircut? You must check out! I have lived here 2 years and had more bad haircuts than you could ever imagine (honestly)...finally, I found NINA at Icon Salon & got the best haircut ever! This woman takes hair a Redken performing artist she is truly an artist with hair! She rescued me from a disastrous haircut I had gotten 2 weeks earlier at another salon....amazing how a good hairdo can take 10 years off & make you feel like a new woman! So, thank you Nina!

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