Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Quartz Crystal Pendants!

I have been wrapping some of my new quartz crystals today...I am addicted! I found some truly beautiful & and a few AMAZING quartz crystals and druzy during my gem show travels this summer. I started wrapping some of them today. I wrapped and sculpted a handful of wire wrapped pieces in sterling silver. I will be offering unique and exceptional quartz crystal pendants for all budgets and levels of on the lookout for rutilated, smoky, citrine, lithium phantom, chlorite phantom, ghost phantom, black phantom, aqua aura, Sichuan, Tibetan, Herkimer Diamond and MORE unique quartz crystals & druzy! I wish my hands could work faster!

The pictures here are of an elegantly sculpted quartz point in my signature setting and of one of the most exceptional crystals I have ever wrapped...A rutilated quartz point with a rose-pink lithium phantom!


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM


    That first pic of your wire wrapped crystal point is just truly awesome, you do beautiful work!

  2. Thank you!!! Crystals are one of my FAVORITE things to wrap!