Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bird Family outside my office window!

Since we returned from our trip to Pennsylvania a mother robin decided to build a nest & have a family outside my office window! I've been obsessed with checking on them & managed to get a few photographs from my window. Mom has been hard at work for 2 weeks keeping them well she decided to throw them out of the nest right before our eyes! HOW FAST THEY ARE FORCED TO GROW UP AND MOVE ON!! Two w weeks ago they had almost no feathers & their eyes were still closed....and today...

She pushed them out of the nest, lined them up on a branch, and left them! She returned with food & forced them to hop along the branch to get to it. Then, mom & dad returned, and shoo'd 2 of the 3 off the branch to the ground. One flew, one fell and ran, and the third is still up in the tree chirping away. I can't believe they were able to fly...not far, but enough to get along should a cat come along.

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