Friday, June 01, 2007

Wire WRapped Chakra Jewelry-for Men & Women!

Whew! I have been working on lots of new jewelry...I am loving the woven pendants and have started a unisex line...My other half complains there isn't enough nice one-of-a-kind jewelry out there for men...he has a good point! He does not like anything too swirly or curly or froo-froo so... I will be working to solve that problem!

I had to include a photo of one of the chakra goddesses i made last week....i love this is a large central crystal with 2mm gems woven into the over 3 inches long it is a striking piece of jewelry!

Many have contacted me regarding our piece in the gallery of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry this month---thank you for all of you kind words and questions! I love hearing from can communicate with me here on the blog or through ebay. I'm going to work on a few blog entries to answer some questions sent to me by beginners in the world of wire wrapping! My quickest words of wisdom are ... BE PATIENT AND GO FOR IT!!!!!! Have no fear, or you will never accomplish anything!!

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