Thursday, June 07, 2007

Real Ancient Roman Coin Pendants!

I am officially hooked on these Roman Coins! They are BEAUTIFUL! This is a silver Denarius that is over 1,700 years old! I wish these coins could talk! I can only imagine what they would say. I wrapped a bunch of different Roman Imperial coins this past can find them in my ebay store...i placed them in the fossil category for the moment. I also created a few antique U.S. Coin pendants---including a penny from 110 years ago!

For the many who have emailed me with questions about starting wire-work....please be sure to check out my reviews and guides. I have been adding book reviews on any books I have on wire jewelry. I have 7 or 8 of them completed & will be adding more. I own just about every book written on Wire Wrapping and Jewelry.

I though I would try to review some of my books so you could get an idea of my perspective on them.... sometimes it helps to see several reviews by a single person...there are many books that are a waste if you don't have a particular tool or skill level...I found that out the hard way. If you read the reviews please check yes they were helpful at the bottom of each one-----this lets me know it is worth the time I spend writing them for you :). Plus, I'm obsessed with reaching the top 1,000 Reviewer status (I'm not that far from reaching it)...I don't know why I want to reach it---I don't get anything for it....but it is a fun little goal to work toward--Even if I only achieve it for one day!

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