Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We Made it!

One of our designs made it into Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine! One of our Wire Wrapped Goddess Pendants will be featured in the WireWorks Gallery of designs in the Summer Preview 2007 issue!! I'm so excited! I don't believe this issue has hit the shelves yet, but when it does check page 43! :) :) :)

Hooray- and thank you to Denise Peck the editor for including us in this issue! I hope to submit a project to share with everyone in the near future!

I'll be posting some of these goddess pendants in our store this week...I've listed a few and they flew! These are all handcrafted by me...each on is jig is used. They take several hours to create as each turn of the wire is done by hand...literally sewing with wire! They don't look like much until I am finished and everything just seems to come together!

If you have a request for specific stones or colors let me know I will be happy to consider creating a piece that can be your own personal goddess...i love working in birthstones & stones that have special significance to the wearer.

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