Friday, April 20, 2007

New Wire Wrapped Crystal Rings!

Hello! I've been working on a new line of rings! I love creating rings. When I design these pieces I like to work with stones and crystals you normally can't find in rings. I remember many years ago longing for a quartz crystal ring and being unable to find one...I didn't want one of those machine cut quartz crystals...I wanted the real thing made by mother nature. To have one custom made was far beyond my budget...and now, here I am, 13 years later finally fulfilling my quest of long ago!

If you had asked me back then if I would be able to create something this intricate and unique I would have thought you were crazy. Now I sit back and think why didn't I start working with wire sooner! I can't imagine not creating jewelry...I will fore go food food for wire and gems!

I've placed these 2 rings and a handful of others in my store this week. Each one is totally unique. Reproducing them is almost impossible as each setting is based around the shape and size of each unique crystal and the nature of each piece of wire. If you need a specific size let me know and let me know your stone/color preferences & I can create one just for you.

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