Friday, April 20, 2007

From the bench of a Wire Wrapper!

Getting Back in the groove! We finally had some sunshine today & the snow is gone (for now) & I am craving Color! I pulled out a bunch of colorful stones & crystals and went to work! Today was an aqua aura quartz, citirine, peridot, lithium quartz, rutile quartz, and plume agate kind of day. VIBRANT STONES!

I am perhaps the messiest wire jewelry artist out there! I love to go through my stock trays & pull out a bunch of stones that catch my eye & start working on them. I have a collection of stones already on the bench I want to take on or am contemplating a design for....every few days I am forced to clear off my bench so I have room to work. I love surrounding myself with stones and just going to town.

I wish the hands could move as fast the brain though! The wire wrapped rings I wrote about in my previous blog entry really beat my hands up! They are TOUGH! I am a seasoned wire wrapper that can give any man a run for his money when it comes to hand strength and those rings really killed me. I couldn't imagine trying them if you have weak or small hands! Whew!

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