Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wire Wrapped Fossil Jewelry!!

I am loving these fossil ammonites! I have been wrapping many different sizes, shapes, & colors & all of them are extraordinary! before wrapping these fossils I hand clean, sand, & polish the back of each one to ensure it has a smooth clean back and lies flat when worn (a peeve of mine, I hate jewelry the doesn't hang or sit properly when worn). Ammonites are one of the prettiest focal pieces I think mother nature has made for us to enjoy. The back of these can be as pretty as the front; some of them even have opal-like ammolite in shades of red, gold, & green here & there on the back!

I was looking for fossil lore & most that I found was generic---many believe that it helps with memory...I have my own feelings about these 'stones.' I think they do a few things for us & anyone that sees them...

I think fossils stimulate our imagination and creativity and they have a way of bringing out the kid in anyone that sees them, especially when worn as jewelry. The fact that we can own & wear one of these creatures that is hundreds of millions of years old is cool! Not only are they cool they are BEAUTIFUL! So many colors, textures, and intricate patterns & each one is as unique as we are...who would have thought. I don't think we could have imagined them being so beautiful even when we were kids. They have a way of re-connecting us with our childhood dreams & memories and I think they remind us how beautiful nature is...past & present! I think that is why they are so captivating and perfect little amulets to wear and treasure!

Some of the fossils featured in our ebay store are:
  • Ammonite earrings & pendants
  • Trilobites earrings
  • Fossil dinosaur bone pendants
  • Fossil coral earrings
  • Rainbow Petrified wood pendants
  • Fossil shark tooth pendants
These fossils have a way of selling quickly & we will be restocking on a regular basis...if you have a request send it my way, I'll be happy to work on it for you!

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  1. I like very mutch how the stones are framed. It's looking like words written in a secret language and a beautiful calligraphy