Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Wire Wrap Jeweler to check out....James Jewels

Last week I met, via the internet, James, of James Jewels, a fellow wire wrap jewelry artist.

James specializes in personalized wire name & word jewelry and sculpted pieces featuring faceted gemstones. I am stuck on his wire words & names.... I reccomend you check out his web site & ebay store, he has some beautiful wire sculpted gemstone rings listed this week...and an auction for a personalized name pendant! Not only is his work beautiful, his prices are great, & he does quality work! James also has links to fellow wire jewelers (including sculptedwindows), tutorials, & information about wire jewelry .

I know many of us look for personalized jewelry & charms for our creations & James is the answer! He utilizes sterling silver and Gold Filled wire to spell whatever you like...I was thinking this is a great idea for us bead addicts, doll artists, and collagers...To spell out a word or 2 in precious metal wire you can work into your designs---VERY COOL! The wheels have been turning in my head!

I have to finish my taxes before starting something new...before I make myself crazy!

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  1. Funny how taxes tasks are making people crazy. I thought it was just for me:-)