Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wire Wrapped Phantom Crystals & Chakra Jewelry

I'm back! We survived the gem show in Massachusettes this past weekend!! I'll post photos soon of some of my treasures & awesome finds! I have been doing lots of wire wrapping today! Wrapped lots of new and unique crystals- -lithium phantom crystals, chlorite phantom crystals, aqua aura quartz crystals, and some beautiful lavender & green ocean jasper cabs!! It's amazing how new stones and crystals inspire new creations! My hands hurt & I want to keep going!

I have really been into creating crystal healing & chakra jewelry. I released a new line of chakra pendants last week. They feature a wire wrapped charm holder with a crystal woven into the design and 7 removeable gemstone charms representing each of the 7 chakra. These have been a lot of fun to make and they are very unique. They have become one of my favorite designs to make and to wear!

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