Monday, January 05, 2015

Starting the year off with COLOR, Warrior Angels, and Dragonfly Lady Cameos!!

I couldn't resist!  The first batch of pieces for 2015 includes colorful swirled faces, warrior angel cameos, and dragonfly lady cameos.

What's the inspiration behind these little ladies??? 

First, who couldn't use a little color this time of year??  The winter blahs have set in with it being so gray out, and the holiday decorations have been put away.  Simple swirls of color ...many, many colors, were the perfect way to brighten up a cold, gray day!

Next came the Dragonfly ladies ...dragonflies have long been a symbol of change, new beginnings, transformation, joy, and fairy realms.  I couldn't help but start the new year with a few dragonfly ladies.  And of course they had to be colorful! 

And, finally came a few Warrior angels ...these little angel cameos are one of my favorites.  They are angels with a little attitude, or I like to think of it as sass-itude.  Yes, they are serene, but if you look close, they have a hint of sass in their eyes ...I imagine these are the perfect angels to help start the year off right.  They are little warriors --ready to protect us, fight for us, and ready to offer up a little "tough love" for those moments when we need it. 

I hope these little pieces inspire you, I loved making them and I'll be making more this week.  Not sure what will be next, but I assure you they will be colorful!

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