Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Leaf Ladies on Wood Tiles ...a suggestion for capping the holes...

Yipee !  A new design ...leaf ladies on wood tile beads.  The tiles I used for these leaf ladies were once part of a wooden placemat.  When I saw the size and shape of the tiles, I couldn't resist re-purposing them into leaf lady beads.  They are the perfect backdrop!

Each wooden leaf lady bead has 4 larger (2-3mm) holes ...2 running vertical, and 2 horizontal.  I have not capped any of the holes in the pieces I have for sale as they allow for many design options.  But, I know many of you will not use all 4 holes, and may want to cap or cover the open, unused holes.  My solution ...3mm beads, they look great and cover the holes perfectly. 
3mm beads fit perfect in drill holes.

Most of the holes in these leaf lady beads are 3mm in diameter at the surface ...allowing little 3mm beads to fit perfectly inside them and cap/close them off.  You'd think the wooden beads were drilled purposely to add the 3mm beads -so they could become decorative elements.

If you'd like to cap the holes I'm sure any 3mm beads will work, I used copper.  I suggest trying each of your beads inside each hole you're planning to plug, to make sure they fit good before gluing them in.  Helpful Hint: when testing your 3mm beads for fit, make sure you have them on thread or position their holes in a way that you can pop the bead out with a needle if it falls into the hole of your leaf lady bead.     
3mm copper beads inserted into holes.

Once you know all your beads will fit, add a little epoxy (or glue of your choice) to the inside edges of the holes with a toothpick, and pop your beads inside.

If your 3mm beads do not fit in one of the holes on your leaf lady, try a few beads from the same strand ...there's always variations in the size of each bead and/or hole.  Or.... 
Top-side view of copper beads in holes.
  • For the holes that were a bit small for my 3mm beads, I used an excato knife and/or a fat bead reamer to shave a bit off the very outside edges of the hole, just enough so my 3mm copper bead could fit inside.   
  • For the holes that were to big for my 3mm beads, I balled up a tiny piece of tissue paper, added epoxy, stuffed it inside the hole.  I then added the copper bead ...the tissue plugs the hole up a little, preventing the copper bead from slipping all the way into the hole.   
Hope this helps if you're scratching your head trying to figure out what to cover the extra holes with!!  Thanks for reading and Happy Creating!!!

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