Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Butterfly Emerges from the Snow!

What a weird couple weeks it has been!! A freak snowstorm before the leaves fell off the trees for the season and I finally passed my kidney stone! I am feeling sooooooo much better--HOORAY!! I thought it could not get any better ...until Tuesday ...

Zeus (our little wiener dog) found a butterfly trapped in the snow in our back yard. It is much warmer after the storm and the snow is melting, I thought the butterfly was dead until I saw it move. One of its wings was trapped in the snow and it was exhausted and cold. It was an amazing sight, I have never seen a butterfly in the snow. I love making winter clay designs with butterflies and after 39 years I finally got to see one. It was really quite amazing, especially the fact that it was still alive.

I could not resist giving the little guy a boost out of the snow and into the sun so it could warm up and fly away. I took a bunch of beautiful pictures and a short video of his taking off from the snow. It took him a about 20 minutes to warm up, a few trial flights, and then he was up and away. What a sight to see a butterfly flitting around with snow on the ground. Absolutely inspiring I definitely need to make some snowy butterfly designs!!

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