Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Lucky December Lady Bug

I sat down to work at my bench this morning and a little ladybug came out from between my stones to say hello. She must have hitched a ride inside on my shoulder looking for a warmer place to live as winter takes hold. It has been very cold here! I love the holidays, but hate the cold. I have already broken out the alpaca socks, long underwear, fleece lined jeans, scarves, wool coats, and heating blankets... does this give you an idea of how much I like to keep warm.

A nice December 1st surprise; must be Mother Nature's way of thanking me for sending Mom Ladybugs for her garden this past Mother's Day. I attempted to take her outside and she flew away before we made it to the door, so she is hiding somewhere in the house. I hope she finds a warm place to curl up and sleep through the winter, she is a welcome house guest. I don't blame here for sneaking in, if she were a spider or stinkbug I'm not sure I would be as understanding --LOL.

As you can see there's plenty on my bench waiting to be wrapped. A handful are finished and waiting for polishing. It's going to take some getting used to... polishing in 30 degree weather is not fun! BrrrrrRRrrr!

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