Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Back from our Travels...

We're back from our travels! I had fun while we were away but I'm ready to get creating again!! We packed as much as we could in those 6 days... A gem show in Syracuse, visited family in Utica, and went hiking on Ithaca. The picture above is from one of our hikes in Ithaca, I couldn't help but add a smiley face to gorge wall, it was such a neat formation. Second picture is of me, skipping pieces of slate across the water. Go figure our vacation would include rocks!

I'm looking forward to getting back in the groove. I will be finishing up my Renaissance crown project and then onto jewelry and clay. I fond many treasures during our travels, new stones and crystals, as well as new toys for my clay!! Can't wait to dig into them!!!! Have a great weekend and I will try to get some pictures of the crown posted this weekend.


  1. Welcome back girl!! Glad you're rarin to go. Takes me forever to get back in the groove after playing hookey!

  2. Thank you for visiting Cuba Journal. I love you beautiful work.