Saturday, February 06, 2010

We Have Snow up to our Ears!

This is Sallie looking out the front door this morning. She was not expecting to see an oasis of snow drifts. The snow was deeper than she is tall-- easily up over her ears!

Wow! Did we have a snow storm last night! We went from green grass to 20+ inches overnight. Pretty intense! The snow was banked right up against the windows and doors. Sallie loves the snow and Ollie... he went back to bed. I don't blame him; if I was his age (14.5) I would go back to bed too.

We dug our way out and the Amish Bobcat Team showed up to move the snow banks when everyone was finished. Lancaster can be such a strange place sometimes. We're standing outside taking it all in after shoveling, and down the road comes 5 bobcat snow movers with Amish drivers. When you think Lancaster Amish Country, you envision the horse and carriage or sleigh... not a team of Bobcats. Oh well, they did a great job, now the horses can go back to work-- and so can we!!

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