Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Warm Weather Break!

Today was a nice (and much needed) break from everything! We packed up the dogs and the car and went hiking at Gifford Pinchot Park. We're out of shape, compliments of winter hibernation, so we only hiked a few miles. Ollie did real well...he walked the whole way and complained when we took a break in the middle, he wanted to keep going. I hope when I'm turning 98 I can walk 2 miles in the woods and still have the energy to beg for a cookie!

It was so nice to get some fresh air and sun. I wish there was a little more green, but I'm happy with the warmth for now! The leaves are just starting to bud...the trees have that red hue, no green yet. In a few weeks the dull grey of winter will be gone, thank goodness. I'm still all bundled up, my blood never thickened back up after living in South Florida for so long. Back to creating tomorrow!

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