Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goddess Pendants

I've been busy creating this week! Lots of new rings and pendants...and more on the way. My picks of the day are these goddess pendants. I found a few of the focal cabs in my stash today and had to wrap them. I had forgotten about them. I love working with these...I enjoy making each one different, like a little shrine.

The first picture is a goddess of creativity, wisdom, and strength... the paua shell goddess is holding a Himalayan Diamond Quartz crystal and has 2 sapphires at her feet. Paua shell promotes creativity, and when centered within this triad of gems she surrounded by strength, energy, and wisdom. I think we can all use a little of these energies in our life!!

The second goddess is a creative paua goddess with a Himalayan DQ crystal to he left and a set of 7 chakra gems to her right (sugilite, sapphire, amazonite, bloodstone, aragonite, Baltic amber, & carnelian). Aside from all of the amazing energy she is surrounded by, I think she is a reminder that we need balance in our lives.

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