Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lasso the Moon & Become a Star ~ Blue Lace Agate Pendant

I've been hooked on coiling and oxidizing the last few days! This pendant is a new Sculpted Windows Jewelry design. A celestial pendant I call "Lasso the Moon & become a Star." A blue lace agate moon is entangled in strands of oxidized silver and adorned with a tiny sodalite star, an orb of sapphire, and a tiny Madagascar quartz crystal. This is a petite pendant with lots of detail. I must admit--the first one I made I had to keep (I'm wearing it right now)--So this is "Lasso the Moon... #2"I'll be playing with more of these. I have some pretty sunstone I think will look pretty in this setting.

I also found more Tibetan Quartz at the show. I made a couple of rings--this one is my favorite...a chubby Tibetan Quartz crystal set in oxidized coils and clusters of beads. If I didn't have a dozen of these rings I wear already, this on would have been a keeper! Pretty!

I have some very large Tibetan quartz crystals I am working on settings for. I can't wait-I know one will be a large neckpiece and I'm thinking an arm band for another! It'll be a bit, but I'll be sure to post pics!

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  1. I love the pendant as much as the name! Beautiful work as always.