Friday, August 24, 2007

We're back from Pennsylvania!

We're back from our trip to Lancaster, PA & will be relocating the end of September! That's going to be FAST...especially when you see the pumpkins plumping in the fields! I had to include a picture I caught of a butterfly perched in front of a pumpkin--had a hard time getting him to sit still enough for a picture!

I will be listing new clay & jewelry every few on the lookout for new clay including wolf, panther, cougar, eagle, bear, moon, spirit, & lady faces!! Gems....I don't know where to begin....I have all new fossil dinosaur teeth, trilobites, ammonites, petrified wood, shark vertebrae....gems & crystals, I have hundreds of new pieces to wrap...natural smoky quartz, dioptase, vesuviantite, jasper, phantom crystals, variscite, eudialyte, apatite, and much--much more!

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