Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why in the World am I Called Sculpted Windows Jewelry?

I wrapped a piece of abalone shell the other day & couldn't take my eyes off of it....the colors are just breathtaking! This is natural dye, no epoxy coating, just what Mother Nature made cut and shaped into a heart! Every time I see abalone I think of dichroic glass...made by nature! I'm trying to stock our store with warm weather & refreshing colors for the spring summer & I think this pendant epitomizes warm weather and fresh spring breezes! Enjoy ythe view!

Speaking of enjoying the view...I've had many people ask "why did you name your jewelry company Sculpted Windows Jewelry"... well here's the answer to that question!

Every time I pick a stone or focal piece to wrap I think it is like looking through a window... some stones or focals have 'scenes' that look like landscapes...some have 'scenes' that look like visions of a fantasy world...some may not appear to have scenery & yet when you see them they capture your attention and you can't help but looking at them and admiring them. Countless times I have gone to a gem show and found myself repeatedly going back to a particular stone & I am compelled to buy it...they just captivate me. They draw me in and capture a piece of me.

Perhaps some stones bring back a memory, convey a bit tranquility, passion, energy or whatever my spirit needs at the time. What I see or feel may be different than what you see, that's the beauty of it. It is amazing to think a tiny piece of the earth we stand on and take for granted every day can speak to us when someone takes the time to clean it, polish it, and frame it. The colors, patterns, and scenes within many natural stones can rival the artwork of a master artisan, painter, or photographer.

So, why am I Sculpted Windows Jewelry....I have a passion for wire sculpting and creating a framework to hold the 'view' Mother Nature (and talented stone cutters) has created and preserved in stone for us to enjoy & treasure forever. And to those that ask if I make window jewelry or people jewelry...I think if you want one the prettiest windows in town...hang a piece in your window! :) If you want to capture the attention of those around you & have something to smile at every time you see it, wear a piece that captured your attention when you saw it.

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