Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wire Wrapped Roman Antiquities

I am officially addicted to wrapping these Ancient Roman Antiquities! It all started several months ago when I purchased my first roman coins & now I'm hooked! They are genuine artifacts from 1,600+ years ago, with certificate of authenticity! It is hard to believe how much detail these pieces have after laying buried in the ground for hundreds, if not, thousands of years! The heart shaped piece is an actual armor ornament from 100-200AD; the coin is Valentinian I from 364AD. Many of the coins have goddesses on the backs & scenes that are unbelievable! The armor ornaments I could not resist as Valentine's Day is approaching --- and what is better than a heart that could have been worn by a real knight in shining armor! The back of this coin features Nike, the goddess of victory. I wish these pieces could talk...i would love to know what they have "seen" in their time.

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