Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy NEW YEAR!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday & is looking forward to the new year! Thank you for all of your support and orders through the holidays! It was a crazy marathon at times, but fun! I don't like being bored!

I've already started one of my designs & experimenting with new techniques with wire! I love working with long sleek strands and sculpting with wire, but want to focus on some new techniques to keep me challenged! I have been on a quest to create mens wire wrapped jewelry & I think I've come up with a nice unisex design....gave one to my other half for Christmas & he loved it--that's a good sign (he's pretty picky :)!! I have listed this lapis lazuli pendant in our store. I have work to do to get a nice selection of this design up and available!

My Chakra pendants have inspired this design! This is a unisex style, perfect for a man or a lady. It is a hefty piece that I think balances the intricacy of the coiled wire with a clean line setting! The back is nice and clean too, almost looks woven together!

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