Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thank You to An Ebayer who Made My Day!!

I have been selling jewelry & polymer clay on ebay for just over a year...doesn't seem like it! I've been a full-time on ebayer since February of this year. Prior to ebay, I tried the art show circut--fun but EXHAUSTING and expensive--after food, gas, a place to stay, dog care...

I miss meeting my customers face to face! I miss teaching them about wire wrapped jewelry and stones, I miss getting to know them, sharing a laugh or designs, & ideas with them. It is amazing how some pieces of jewelry just come to life on the right person! I love having people try on my designs and wear them. I love feedback (not just ebay feedback, but hearing from people), it inspires me & helps me to better my designs & skills. I'm not an asembly line artist...which is probably why I'm not rich (not even close). I love creating & I take great joy in knowing others enjoy wearing my creations! Hearing from people who like my jewelry is like fuel to the fire that inspires me!

THE OTHER DAY I RECEIVED ONE OF THE NICEST SURPRISES EVER!! A tiny box was in the mail from a customer... and inside was this CUTE little kewpie doll, a photo of them with the hugest contagious smiles, & a little note so I would know who they were......THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY--I can't even put it into words!!! This little 'Kewtie' is on my workbench & everytime I see her I smile...they didn't miss a stitch--she has a little weiner dog and a beaded sash that says "We love SWJ (Sculpted Windows Jewelry) "! What talent to create something so personalized & special! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDESS & THOUGHTFULNESS! Opening your package is a moment I will treasure forever!

I have been blessed to have 'met' some of the nicest people on ebay. They inspire me! I started this blog so everyone could see & get to know a little about the person that exists behind the scenes of the ebay store... I enjoy corresponding with & creating for all of you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being great ebayers, a.k.a. people!!! Keep the communication coming!

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