Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Looks Like Fall is Here!

Looks like fall is here! It's been chilly and rainy for over a week now! We saw our fist flock of Canadian Geese & the leaves are getting a little pink...what happened to summer? It seemed so short this year. This is us in the sunflower patch.

I'm finally getting into fall and winter polymer clay & jewelry designs! I hope eveyone likes them. I have so many different ideas my hands can't make them fast enough! I've been on a quest to find 1.5 inch snowflakes for a design idea....I haven't been having much luck yet. I used to hate when the stores started putting Christmas stuff out in August...now that I'm searching for something, they can't put it out fast enough for me! Go figure:)! I'll probably find them and change my mind!

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